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    OptizenAD is a team within OL structures, specialising in designing and selling advertising activities that are implemented in press digital editions.

    The sales potential of OptizenAD is currently over 60 titles, published in the form of digital apps for smartphones and tablets, offered as thematic packs or designed individually for a selected target group.

    The key asset of the OptizenAD offer is that the readers of digital editions are highly involved in advertising content consumption. An attractive and interactive edition form and especially selected group of recipients who deliberately buy digital press make advertising content consumption rates soar much higher than in other media channels.

    OptizenAD team provides services for advertisers and media agencies for campaign planning by buying carriers, assisting in interactive creation and delivering post-buy reports up to campaign settlement upon its completion.

    Number of offered titles: 60
    Number of downloads per month: 106 thousand


    • Mitsubishi ASX

      more than 8000 editions purchased with advertisement
    • AUDI Q5

      more than 19 000 adviewers per month
    • KIA Sportage

      total time spent with the commercial - almost 14 hours
    • Hyundai

      commercial included - photo gallery, video, 360° picture and the body color change
    • Volkswagen Tiguan

      the issue of the advertising campaign - 20 digital titles during one month
    • Jacobs

      average duration of contact with the commercial - over 3 minutes
    • Amica – spring campaign

      average TTR (tap-though rate): 8.5%
    • Men’s Health – HBO Detective

      average number of contacts with the ad in edition per one consumer: 2.8
    • Irena Eris – Algorithm

      average duration of contact with the commercial: 2 minutes, 45 seconds
    • Irena Eris – Clinic Way Gala

      average number of contacts with the ad in edition per one consumer 1.6
    • PZU – Newsweek

      average TTR (tap-though rate): 11.2%
    • PZU – Renifer PZU

      on weekdays: video in the advertisement deliberately played 5010 times
    • Turek

      within two weeks the tab with culinary recipes displayed 8173 times

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