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    Editors are at the beginning of the media revolution in digitalisation and monetisation of editorial contents. The manner of media consumption, their number and value they represent for the recipients and marketers is undergoing rapid changes. All players producing contents have to keep up with these changes, actively and dynamically adopting their marketing and editorial strategies, business models to the continuously changing market surroundings, while maintaining their position in the existing fields of activity and increasing their share in new markets, employing innovative solutions and marketing e-tools.

    The development of technology has irreversibly changed the manner of media consumption altering relations between the editor and the reader. The user of digital media requires functionalities and form that are different than those sought by the user of traditional media.
    What has to change is not only the method of preparation, presentation and publication of content in the digital media, but also the method of promotion and distribution.Employing holistic approach to the new media using a full range of interrelated tools and platforms, facilitating the access to the content for the recipient remains an indispensable prerequisite for success.

    Optizen Labs S.A., as a leader in content digitalisation, provides publishers and marketers with comprehensive services. We have been present on the market since 2010 and have gained substantial experience, digitising over 60 publishers and 200 titles on the European market.

    With our services our Clients enjoy access to unique know-how, best digital publishing tools and verified business models allowing for rapid content monetisation.

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