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    Why investing in Optizen Labs S.A. pays off

    Industry leader with high growth potential

    • Largest market share in digital publishing market in Poland
    • Experience in foreign client liaison

    Comprehensive client service

    • An Expert Level Reseller Adobe Digital Publsihing Solutions
    • Owner of DIGITIVO – a tool for automated process of digital edition production

    Profitable business model

    • Steadily growing revenue stream, most of which comes from subscription fees (predictability)

    Customers’ confidence

    • Consistently expanded customer base, substantial diversification of income sources (no dominating customers)
    • Service quality attested by certificates


    • More than 25 years of experience on the publishing and advertising market, ability to predict trends
    • Transparent and consistently implemented strategy
    • We have the best experience in implementation of digital publishing solutions in Poland
    • We have completed more than 200 digital editions, including more than 60 cyclical editions
    • We feature professional IT facilities that guarantee high quality of services and SLA


    There is no doubt that the manner of media consumption will change dramatically in the upcoming years and features of mobile use of published contents like easy access, interaction and additional, supplement rich media components will have a huge impact on dynamic growth in the number of readers accessing media with their tablets and smartphones. Technologies provided by Optizen Labs (Digitivo, Adobe Digital Publishing Solutions) enable viewing publications on any mobile device.

    Media market experts agree that within the upcoming fifteen years the process of content digitalisation will progress dynamically, also as the traditional distribution of printed press – due to increasing costs of production, paper and distribution – will be less and less profitable over years and will eventually end up being pointless. More and more publishers will digitalise their titles (daily, weekly and monthly papers) one by one every year. Over the next 10 to 15 years, these factors will directly influence the increase in the Company’s income.