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    If you appreciate implementing simple solutions, issuing new editions with ease and optimising production costs, if you publish periodically and if your publications are extensive, DIGITIVO is what you are looking for!

    The DIGITIVO platform is a simple system that allows you to create fully interactive and responsive publications, fit for any device size and orientation. Thanks to a unique function to create personalised templates, you can publish digital editions of your title that are easy to read and at the same time preserve its characteristic style and layout.

    We have created DIGITIVO drawing on over a dozen years of experience on the publishing market and recognising the needs and capabilities of contemporary publishers. As a result, we have developed a unique and flexible pricing policy, well-adjusted to the capabilities of every publisher, and enable you to reach the largest possible group of users who use both tablets and smartphones.

    DIGITIVO is also an attractive alternative for those who publish frequently (including daily paper publishers) and expect their publishing process to be automated. Thanks to the possibility of integrating the tool with a CMS or a publishing system, you can now generate new editions automatically and make them available to your customers promptly.

    • Create light, interactive editions that can be displayed at any mobile device in any orientation.
    • Choose convenience: your own when creating and your customer’s when reading.
    • Enrich your editions with interactive photo galleries, videos, links and social network options.
    • Save time and money by selecting an offer that is tailored to your needs and capacity.


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